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Around The Industry 9/1/2021 Part 2

07 Sep 2021 9:57 AM | Anonymous

Around The Industry

Publications from the Michigan State University Turf and Landscape Extension, the USGA Green Section, the Michigan State University Turf and Landscape Digest, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development have been recently released. The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation is proud to share recent news and support these exceptional turf related programs at Michigan State University and turf related organizations throughout our industry.

USGA Green Section

Is Methiozolin the Holy Grail of Poa annua Control?

A newly registered Poa annua control herbicide is now being put through its paces on golf courses. Will it be the holy grail that many superintendents have been hoping for?


Make Every Herbicide Application Count

Don’t let herbicide antagonism get the best of your weed control efforts in fine fescue naturalized areas.


Happy Accidents

Sometimes mistakes on the golf course can prove to be valuable learning experiences if we are open to their lessons.


Getting a Handle on Thatchy Fairways

Excess thatch can be a concern on fairways, particularly during periods of wet weather like we have been experiencing lately.


Windshield Notepad

Trying to remember everything that needs to be completed during a busy day on the golf course can be difficult. If only a to-do list could be right in front of you throughout the day...


Preparing for Renovations

Many courses have renovation projects on the horizon. Start planning early so that you have everything in place to complete the project and protect the investment over the long-term.


Developing a Drought-Emergency Plan

Golf courses everywhere face the risk of drought and water restrictions. Whether your course experiences drought frequently or almost never, it’s important to have a drought emergency plan in place.


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